Firewind Flutes
Bone Flutes & Whistles
Full pentatonic scale
One to three notes
Our bone flutes are made primarily from deer leg bones that have been legally harvested, although we can produce a bone flute from exotic bones when available.  Camel leg bones make nice flutes, as do giraffe leg bones.  For special ordering such bones we need a longer lead time. 
We polish the bones to a very smooth, ivory-like finish.  They are beautiful and warm without inlay, and strikingly handsome with it.  They produce a solid, sweet sound.  Size is extremely variable; deer bones range from 7” to 8”. Price range: $100-800.
One to three note whistles were originally used for signaling, attracting wildlife and ceremonies.  They are very trilly and are wonderful for improvisation, often used to highlight Native American flute music.  Most familiar is the Eagle Call Whistle which is a one-note whistle which utilizes an octave over-blow.  We use a variety of bones.  Deer leg and turkey wing bones are the most popular.  The ancient Incas used to make whistles from the wing bones of the condor. Price range: $50 - $100.